Both pics were taken only a minute apart on a day with hazy clouds passing over, and when the sun was not shining brightly.   The 1st one (on the left) was taken down at ground level in the deeper shade of the photographer's body.   For the 2nd shot, at right, we placed the snake higher on a palmetto frond where more ambient light was available, yet it wasn't more than three feet above where the 1st shot was taken.   The sun was still behind light clouds.   Wow, what a difference!    One explanation may have to do with the effect direct bathing in ultraviolet light has on snakes' colors versus when the snake is shielded from them.   Kind of makes you stop to think when window-shopping based on pics posted on the net, eh?   Gee, we wonder which one most folks would choose to try to sell their specimens???

The camera used was a Panasonic PV-SD4090 Palm Cam (digital) that uses 3.5" floppy disks as 'film'.   The recording mode was SF {= highest quality}.   The snake is a young hypomelanistic bloodred corn.   We figured the colorful combination of traits it possessed required the enhancing quality of natural daylight to show it off best.   These are the first two pics we've ever posted in this gallery that were taken on Kathy's digicam.   Pics shot Feb. 7, 2003.